All of our adoptions begin with the completion and internal review of this application. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Sparky Foundation cannot guarantee you will get the dog you are applying for. All of our placements are done after a careful matching of adoptee to adopter. Completing this application does not reserve any particular dog in our care.

All of our policies and procedures are in place to ensure the best match possible for a FOREVER home.

Review of application may take a few days to be processed. If the initial approval is granted, the next step is ensuring that there is a excellent match between dog and new owner. The process for this varies but may include additional phone conversations, home visits, meet & greet with dog, in home trial, or additional processes dictated by the needs of the dog, potential adopters and the discretion of Sparky Foundation.


The last step would be the finalization of the adoption through the mutual signing of the Adoption Contract.

The actual content may vary depending on any particular needs of the dog, but will typically state:


  • If dog is unable to be spayed or neutered due to age at the time of adoption, the adopter, agrees to have the animal spayed or neutered as soon as medically possible and provide written proof to Sparky Foundation within 2 weeks of procedure.

  • Adopter agrees NOT TO BREED this animal for any reason.

  • If for any reason adopter cannot keep the dog, the dog should be returned to Sparky Foundation rather than taken to a shelter.

  • Adopter agrees to provide photos and updates on the adopted animal on a regular basis or when requested by Sparky Foundation.

  • Adopter assumes all medical and other liabilities of and for the dog.

  • Adopter agrees that Sparky Foundation is not liable for any medical issues or any other liabilities once adoption is finalized

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