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Every day dogs are abandoned, dumped for a variety of reasons -  they have health issues, owners just had a new baby, owners are moving,too old, too much to handle or just simply are no longer wanted.  They are put out on the side of a road, left in neighborhoods, dropped off at a shelter or left behind in empty abandoned homes or tied up in yards.  Some have health issues, many need to be spayed or neutered and many do not had any kind of basic care ever - including shots and flea, tick and heartworm preventatives.  

These animals end up getting hit by cars, used for bait in dog fighting rings, abused, starved to death or picked up by animal control to be taken to a local shelter.  

Sparky Foundation believes that all lives are worth saving.  It is our goal to help as many as we can out of the shelters.  The older ones, the pregnant moms, the scared, the neglected, the abused - they all deserve a second chance.  For many - we are their ONLY chance!  

Sparky Foundation is operated completely by volunteers and funding comes from donations.  In order to continue to save the animals we need your help!  We need funding to provide medical treatment, health tests, spay/neuters, basic vetting like flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. We cannot do it without you!  

Please consider making a donation to Sparky Foundation today!  No amount is too small! 

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